Review: Quake series by Lisa Arrington


Ali and Caden thought they were your average teenagers trying to navigate high school pressures and college decisions.

During a camping trip all of that changes when an earthquake ushers in an Alien invasion on their small desert hometown.

Lives are lost and friendships are tested as Ali and Caden, along with their best friends, begin running for their lives. However, nothing can prepare them for the secrets they discover when they begin learning more about themselves then they ever thought possible.


I found Quake to be an intriguing story. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not when I first started, but once the story got to going good I found it to be quite good. It does start off slow, but then builds up quickly and maintains the momentum the rest of the book. There are some predicable parts and then there are those that just threw me for a loop. Lisa Arrington has done a great job on writing this apocalyptic type book with an alien twist. The characters are well developed and easy to relate too.

The main adventure begins when the siblings Ali and Caden experience an earthquake when on a camping trip with a group of friends. After that all hell breaks loose. Most everyone around seems to have gone mad. They are either trying to kill Ali and Caden or trying to collect them. They have to go on the run and no longer know who they can trust, not everyone is as they seem. Will they make it? What has really gotten into the people in their town? 

AfterShock (Quake Book 2)

And the Story Continues:

Ali and Caden Morgan were not prepared for what happened a month ago. Their lives are upside following the death of their mother, a best friend and the reappearance of their father, a man they thought had abandoned them long ago.

The have now learned the truth about the relationship their parents shared and what they went through until they were torn apart.
Now Ali and Caden must learn to trust a man that hasn't been there for over seventeen years, how to use and control their powers, all while continuing to hide from an advanced Alien race.


AfterShock is even better than Quake. Lisa Arrington beefed up this book with info we have been wanting for since book 1. I felt that she filled us in enough to satisfy my need to know, but left enough up for question to keep me coming back for more. In this part of the journey there is more action and danger with some surprise twists you may not have seen coming.  AfterShock keeps you wanting more.

Ali and Caden’s story continues. AfterShock takes us into the siblings training and fills us in on what is really going on. We learn why Ali and Caden are so important and what happened surrounding their births. They also come into so cool new powers. We also get to see the duo in action out in the field. Gemma is still a serious problem but she has some revelations of her own. The Human race is being controlled except for a select few. Who will prevail? 

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