Unique: A New Breed by Reyna Pryde, Review


~A Traversing Eternity Novel~ 

After five years in captivity as a blood slave to vampires, the girl named Jessica is no more. In her place stands a killer, driven by hate and seeking revenge for the scars she carries both inside and out. For nearly a decade she dedicated her life to ridding the world of the scourge known as vampires, placing her directly in the crosshairs of her enemy. 
Lilith, the Queen of Vampires, ordered her number-one assassin, Niten, to bring in the rogue vampire hunter, unharmed. With an offer from the queen, the hunter is given an opportunity to achieve the ultimate revenge on the vampire who destroyed her life. To do so, she will need to face her worst fears. As enemies become allies, she discovers that not all vampires are akin to the monsters from her past and Niten learns that there is nothing ordinary about this woman. She is completely... Unique.


Vampires, werewolves and witches, oh my! Reyna Pryde did it again! Unique: A New Breed is so good. I love how the world she has created fells like ours, but yet doesn’t. She adds that special something in that makes it all so much more intriguing. The characters are so relatable that I felt like I could feel along with them. I was so into this story it had me crying and laughing out loud. So emotional.

There are some great twist to the story that I didn’t see until right before they happen and a couple I didn’t see coming at all. I love how Reyna keeps me guessing. Of course in the end I was left with my mouth hanging open and thinking, What?!?! I can’t wait till the next book to see how this plays out.

Two hunters forced together to achieve the same goal. Unique is a vampire hating hunter with trust issues and a bad attitude. Niten is a vampire who hunts and disposes of the evil vampires for his queen and is feared by all. Her wounds are deep, but Unique must overcome her fears to be able to rid the world of the vampire who tortured her for years. On her quest she has to deal with many dangers including the ones she causes herself. She finds allies and foes, but which is which? Will Unique learn to trust the one person who can help her the most? Will she get her vengeance?

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Feels Like Rain Blog Tour and Giveaway

What if the feelings you felt were never your own?

Jet is different. Able to feel the emotions of those around him, he chooses to spend his days in solitude, pushing out the feelings that attempt to consume him. With numbness his only relief, he’s surprised when he finds himself letting someone in, actually wanting—craving—to feel what she feels.
Even though he was warned to stay away from Kalista LaFontain, Jet didn’t listen, not caring what family she came from, knowing she wasn’t like them. Somehow, she was able to make the emotions that assaulted him on a daily basis more bearable, a pleasant contrast to his usual numbness. He didn’t care how powerful or hated her family was; he’d risk it.

Little did he know, that risk would change his life forever.

After writing the FOR ALWAYS series, there was one more character (who is introduced at the very, very end of the last book) who kept yelling at Janae to tell his story, which led her to write "Feels Like Rain". Even though this novel is a stand-alone and can be read independently from the FOR ALWAYS series, Janae recommends you read the FOR ALWAYS series first, if you plan on reading it at all, due to possible spoilers you might encounter by reading FLR first. 
Book one in the FOR ALWAYS series can be downloaded HERE
(Currently free in the US)

Janae Mitchell is the author of "Feels Like Rain", as well as "For Always", "For Now", and "For Eternity". She's also written a couple of spooky novellas titled "Haunted" and "Unleashed".
She's a native of East TN, which reflects in her writing, and loves to chat with readers. You can connect with her on her website or here:



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New Release: The Runaway's Secret by Leah D.W., Review


“Time for dinner,” the vampire hissed.

Sharp fangs bit into Piper’s neck. They pressed deeply into her flesh and hot surging pain erupted in her mind. She couldn’t scream. Mind turned blank and world spinning, Piper stood there, almost drowning in the rain, as the vamp girl drank from her.

After the brutal murder of her father, Piper tried to escape the life of servitude under the iron fist of a vampire. But her small glimmer of freedom was shattered the moment fangs sunk into her throat.

Trapped as a fanged freak, Piper was forced to run away from her past in order to survive the wrath of a bloodthirsty monster hunting her down. She thought she could keep it up for the rest of her immortal life, but that all changed when she was rescued by a blue eyed vampire and welcomed into a hidden world crawling with monsters and magic. 


The Runaway’s Secret by Leah D.W. has been Re-Vamped! Leah has taken the book I loved and made me fall in love all over again. With this rerelease under a different publisher, CHBB, comes a new and exciting tale. We not only experience Piper’s point of view, we also get to dive into the mind of a true predator. I found myself laughing and crying throughout the story. I also enjoyed the unexpected twist and turns, but I was sad when it ended and was left wanting more. I can't wait for the next book to see where Piper's journey leads her.

Did you know there are two kinds of vampires? Well Piper is different and she is about to learn what makes her such a fanged freak. She doesn't fit completely into either the human or vampire world, but it is time to be thrust into the one she has been trying to run from for the last hundred years. Piper has to live her life as if there is danger just around every corner. Now she is trapped by ones claiming they are only trying to help. Who can be trusted and will her past catch up with her?

About the Author:

Proud chocoholic and book hoarder, I am an author from South Africa with the love for writing that brings monsters and magic to life between book pages. With a journalism degree under my belt and having an obsession with Greek Mythology, I am also a Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly author. I love to read and write about the paranormal and help other authors through free promotion on my social media, from blog spots to reviews. 

Short stories I have written:
 ~ Watery Grave (Wonderstruck anthology)
 ~ an Eve to Forget (Dark Light Four anthology)
 ~ Darkest Rose (Becoming Strange anthology)
 ~ Frosted Hearts (Fractured Fairy Tales anthology) 
 ~ The Devil's Belt (Unhappily Ever After anthology) 

 ~ Phantom 2.0 (YA paranormal romance)

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Bound by Sacrifice (The Road to Ruin Book 1) by Reyna Pryde, Review


~A Traversing Eternity Novel~ 

When you make a deal with the Devil, it can be Hell... 
Acelynn made a deal to save her sister’s soul, kill Satan’s son or become Satan‘s bride. It seemed impossible to find a legend like Cain, but after decades she finally got a lucky break. This break happens to be one sexy immortal, the type of man Acelynn can’t let herself fall for. He’s full of hope, a light shining brightly, and all Acelynn knows is darkness. And the darkness keeps growing as vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures change the course of her journey. Will her heart be the only thing that stands in the way of saving her sister’s soul? Or will she always be bound by sacrifice?


Oh My! What a roller coaster ride! This book would have me laughing one minute and crying the next. Then when I thought I had it all figured out I got blindsided with a possibility that never entered my mind. Oh man, then the ending....  it just made me want to bawl. What a cliffhanger! I can't wait to get to see how this mess, that the characters has gotten themselves into, is worked out. I am sure it will be a fabulous ride. 

Reyna Pryde is amazing! The details and story line is woven together so seamlessly and with great depth. She created strong viable characters that faces not just the supernatural problems, but everyday issues as well. Love, fear and sacrifice is but the way of the life and this book has it all. Well worth the read!

Acelynn lost herself long ago. The day she had to make a deal to save her sister's soul. Now decades later she is still trying to find the son of Satan so she can put an end to her misery. Along the way she is harassed by Satan and his minions while running into all sorts of road blocks. Finally she gets a lead, after all these years something is going right or is that wrong? 

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For Eternity (For Always Book 3), Review


In a world of Darkness, one must hold fast to the Light... 

When Malyn Reed, seer of ghosts, fell in love with one, she knew it wouldn't end well, but when love pleaded with her heart, she was unable to deny it. 

Falling hard for the sexy, southern gentleman, Beau Brogan, who died in 1910, her already strange life quickly turned into a life she'd never imagined. Filled with love and heartache that would change her... for always. 

When Beau Brogan died, left to haunt his homestead for over a century, he thought it was his hell on earth, until Malyn Reed moved in. 

Stealing the heart that hadn't beat in over one-hundred years, she gave him a new life that he'd never known, even while he was alive. But like his life, their time together came to an untimely end and they were forced to say goodbye... for now. 

In this third and final installment of the For Always series, love will be tested in ways that Beau and Malyn aren't prepared for. During the battle of good and evil—Darkness and Light—choices will have to be made and sides taken. Unbeknownst to Beau, one final decision will change everything... for eternity. 

Their love survived beyond Beau's death, but can it survive beyond his absence and the Darkness that threatens them all?


Oh mylanta! I can't believe it's really over. I think I may just cry. I have absolutely loved the For Always series and For Eternity does not disappoint one bit. Malyn is trying to figure out what to do and where to go from here because Beau had been gone for so long and it doesn't seem like he's coming back. Beau on the other hand, is trying to figure out how to get out of the darkness and get back to Malyn. Neither of them realize that everything is about to change. I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. I could barely put it down. I found myself trying to yell at the characters at times and at others I was just saying, oh my gosh! Janae Mitchell's words just jumped out and hugged me and I hugged right back (and I'm not a hugging person either). I can't think of a better ending even though I'm very sad the trilogy is over. At least I have the spin-off standalone book to help though. I will definitely be reading that as soon as I possibly can!!
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About the Author

Janae Mitchell is the author of "Feels Like Rain", as well as "For Always", "For Now", and "For Eternity". She's also written a couple of spooky novellas titled "Haunted" and "Unleashed".
She's a native of East TN, which reflects in her writing, and loves to chat with readers. You can connect with her on her website or here:

Destiny's Wings by D.S. Schmeckpeper, Review


Celeste is tired. She just wants to be left alone. 

For centuries, the half-blooded elf has hidden herself away from the world and lived in isolation. Things have been peaceful, quiet. But some have a greater calling, a destiny. When the humans unwittingly set about a plan to release the source of all evil back into the world, Celeste is called upon by an old ally to stop them, and to keep all of Altierra safe. 

Now she must face her past as she and her allies travel across the continent to save a world she has been apart from for eons. Will even her angelic birthright and druidic powers be enough to stop the rise of the last god? 

She never asked to be a hero. 

Destiny can be funny that way. 


I really liked the story. Celeste is a very strong character and tries to do what is right. Tarnel and her were made for each other and their newfound friends were great too. The book is packed with action, adventure, and love. That being said I found that they're was too much detail at times and parts of it was repetitive. There were some instances where the story was kind of unbelievable. I also found that the characters blended together and it was difficult for me to keep up with who was talking. I felt like it was a great idea for a story and with some work it could be really good.

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