Review: Cogs in Time Anthology (The Steamworks Series Book 1)


Go on an adventure through unheard of places in time and existence. Here in these remote areas, thriving cities, and secret worlds, a strange technological revolution reigns. Inside these pages inventors, dreamers, and revolutionist rule in worlds of steam driven machines, cog powered humanoids, clockwork miracles, and paranormal magic. Dressed in corsets, top hats, and cog lined finery the heroes and heroines face down immense obstacles as they take to the skies in airships, use incredible technology that is a mix between ancient and futuristic, and discover love. 

Fifteen talented authors, artists and poets have come together in the must read anthology of 2014. The product of this collaboration is an incredible journey through a blend of sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure, history, paranormal, and romance that embraces the roots of Steampunk while pushing the genre to new, bolder limits. 

Stories by Catherine Stovall, Amanda Gatton (Illustrator), Robert Craven, Samantha Ketteman, Cindy J. Smith, Emma Michaels, Faith Marlow, Nina Stevens, Wayne Carey, Zoe Adams, MJ Baerman, Eada Janes, Andrea Staum, Deborah Dalton, SJ Davis, and Cecilia Clark. 


I think this is a good time to remind you that my reviews are my opinion of the book, how I felt about it. You may or may not find that you agree with me. Keep that in mind as you read my reviews. Thank you.
Unfortunately overall I found that some of the stories were lacking and without point. However, that being said, a few were good and well worth the read.  My favorites are Wren City by Catherine Stovall, Invisible Sun by S.J. Davis and Point of Departure by Wayne Carey. I would love for these to be expanded into full book and series. I feel they are amazing stories with great potential for so much more. I believe just these stories alone was worth the cost. These are the ones that stood out to me the most but there are other good ones worth reading. 

There are others that I found interesting, I just wish there was more to them. I don’t feel that it is just the length of the story that makes it more meaningful, but the quality of the story. I would like for them to have more meat to them. I will not bother to list all the stories by rating. I found stories to be from 2 stars all the way up to 5 stars.

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