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Amour Mortel
Author: Leah D.W.
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Releasing May 5, 2015 by Vamptasy Publishing

“You will always be mine”
She sought danger to prove her worth.
Now she is cursed with the consequences.
Trapped within herself and the arms of a monster, her only means of escape… is to become the monster.


Dark and intriguing!

Amour Mortel is a quick read but the story is not left lacking.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be under Dracula’s spell? Well step into the shoes of his mistress. Her mind is no longer her own. She lives for one purpose only, to please her master, a ruthless monster. Leah D.W. weaved a dark tale that pulled me in and had me searching for the light. Just when I would think something was going right I would find out I was oh so wrong. No sparkling vampires here. It reminds me more of the way vampire stories were once told, as them being unredeemable predators with no happy endings. Congratulations on a job well done, Leah.

Pick up your copy today and journey to the dark side.


Teaser 1
Glancing at the window covered in thick curtains, she swallowed bile at remembering the sight of those servants outside.
Their bodies were still out there, being picked clean by crows, with gaping mouths in eternally silent screams from the pain they endured at the hands of her master. Their shadows cast shapes of agony across the surface of the castle she now called home, but she never dared to look out a window or breathe in deeply when the wind blew against the fortress. 

Teaser 2               
A warm blaze was burning in the pit of her stomach, but then her master pushed her back down onto the couch and lowered himself on top of her. That fire within her slowly fizzled down into a small flickering flame that swelled within her chest.
Her arms snaked around his neck and she pulled him down, closer against her. His cool breath rolled over her cheek and sent pin pricks down her spine. Her body acted on its own. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her lips sought his. A growl rumbled from his throat before his lips brushed against hers.
A mumble escaped her lips as they played along his mouth and her heart rate picked up as she felt the slight touch of his tongue pushing between her lips. When she felt his desire for her pressing against her gown, his lips left hers to graze over the sensitive skin of her neck.
A whimper bubbled to the surface. The light touch of sharpened teeth ran over her throat. Her breath left her body when those fangs bit into her flesh and heat rushed up her neck to pool like hot oil at the crown of her head.

Teaser 3
“Hey!” he was up and grabbed her by the shoulders. “I saved your life!”
“You did no such thing!” she pushed against his chest. “You kidnapped me from my home.”
“Home?” he brushed wet hair from his face. “That place is a prison!”
“Take me back,” she pouted. “Or I shall go on my own.”
“I will not allow you to do that,” he took her hand then.
His grip was so soft, so warm, it felt like a dream. She glanced down at their clasped hands and back up at his eyes swirling with colours of bronze and hazel. She lost her voice as he stepped closer and touched a few fingers to her jaw.
“You asked me to save you,” he spoke calmly, but she could feel the pulse in his wrist jump. “You have my word that I shall do that and I have. You will no longer be bothered by that beast. My team and I will kill him and rid the land of his poison.”
“I won’t let you,” she felt like she was in a daze. “I will warn my master.”
His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed heavily and her eyes returned to the swell of his lips. She was cold and shivering, but having him so close made it easy for her to push those feelings away. All she felt was his touch…
“Lady,” he spoke while watching her lips. “Why do you insist on being with him? Do you know he is a vampire?”

Teaser 4
“Don’t do this,” her voice sounded strange to her, stronger perhaps.
His eyes flashed with something and his fangs peeked out. “Say you love me.”
Her mouth opened, but no words escaped them. She counted to four before taking in a deep breath and closing her lips again. His grip around her tightened sharply, his nails digging into her flesh and causing blood to surface on her skin.
“This has never happened before,” he frowned, slowly making her slim body lean down further. “No one has ever broken the spell.”
The fear drained from her entire body as his words echoed through the daze in her mind. Those words swirled through the fog over her eyes and soon were replaced by the voice of another man, one who had kidnapped her from her master…
“She is clearly under that monster’s spell!”
“Monster…” her lips mumbled.
“I will save you.”
She counted to four.
“Vampire!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as the fog snapped from her mind. “Murderer!”
“Silence!” his nails bit into her.
She winced and closed her eyes. “Monster!”

Teaser 5
“Lady…” he whispered roughly. “We shouldn’t.”
“We should,” she replied, slipping his shirt from his shoulder. “Save me from the monster in the castle,” she was breathless.“Save me, my hunter.”
His lips crushed hers breathlessly and his hands found the release on her corset. The sun kissed skin of his chest grazed over hers as her gown slipped from her shoulders and he pushed her down into the soft earth.
“Oui,” she whispered.
He didn’t hesitate.

She didn’t stop him.

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About the Author:

Proud chocoholic and book hoarder, I am an author from South Africa with the love for writing that brings monsters and magic to life between book pages. With a journalism degree under my belt and having an obsession with Greek Mythology, I am also a Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly author. I love to read and write about the paranormal and help other authors through free promotion on my social media, from blog spots to reviews. 

Short stories I have written:
 ~ Watery Grave (Wonderstruck anthology)
 ~ an Eve to Forget (Dark Light Four anthology)
 ~ Darkest Rose (Becoming Strange anthology)
 ~ Frosted Hearts (Fractured Fairy Tales anthology) 
 ~ The Devil's Belt (Unhappily Ever After anthology) 

 ~ Phantom 2.0 (YA paranormal romance)
 ~ Runaways Secret (YA paranormal romance)

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