Review: Kallos (Kallos Series Book 1) by Khelsey Jackson


Her decisions may have life-ending consequences. 

Kallos Dean is an everyday average sixteen-year-old until she meets the beautiful and enigmatic Hunter brothers. They soon turn her world upside-down with a shocking revelation. She is a goddess, one who must unite the splintered soul of her beloved soul mate once she finds him. 

Her feelings for both Ian and Sean grow by the day, leaving her unsure of where she stands with either of them. Aphrodite, from whom Kallos is reincarnated, teaches her the ways of being a goddess. With this newfound knowledge, however, comes quite a bit of responsibility. 

To save her life and that of her newfound friends, Kallos must find her soul mate. This decision, however difficult, is the one thing that ties their worlds together. Deep inside, she knows she has a choice to make. If she’s to succeed in mastering who and what she is, she must trust in herself and those around her. Only then, will she be able to find strength in herself and the goddess she’s bound to. 


What a good story Kallos is. I find the storyline to be interesting and fun. It takes the love triangle to a whole new level. I would hate to have more than one soul mate and then have to choose which I wanted to spend all of my days with. I felt so bad for Kallos, Sean and Ian. Khelsey Jackson was able to bring their pain and struggle to life for me. I could just feel the heart ache. Khelsey not only brought the Greek gods and goddess to earth but she gave the guys a little something extra, something to stir up trouble.  And someone seems to be sinking into darkness.

This is an adventure worth the trip. Through the twist and turns I found that I was surprised at times by how a situation played out. I found myself taken away into a new and amazing world and I can’t wait to continue the adventure.

Kallos finds out she is one of many Aphrodite reincarnates. The problem is they never make it through the transition to become the goddess, they always die. Kallos never realized this world existed until now. Unfortunately she doesn’t have time to get use to the idea, because she is starting through the transition and the pain is getting worse every day. Aphrodite watches from Mount Olympus hoping that Kallos will be the one, the one to end her cures. With help from the reincarnations of Ares and Apollo, Kallos starts her journey into the unknown. While they both try to win her heart. Will she survive or will she succumb like all the rest?

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