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Crystal Frost has spent her whole life believing she's ordinary, and her mother has long held the secret of her heritage. When Crystal begins seeing the ghost of a dead classmate, her life spirals out of control. She’s faced with the threat that everyone will find out she’s a freak, as if the struggle to figure out her new-found abilities wasn’t enough pressure. Crystal has to find some way to save the people who have come to her for help all while trying to keep her abilities a secret. Will she be able to fulfill these overwhelming demands while solving the mystery that is the ghost of Olivia Owen?


What a magical adventure! Fire in Frost is a great read. It does starts out a bit slow, but once it gets to going it keeps you on your toes. I found it to be fun and intriguing. It has action, mystery and psychic powers! There is not much in the way of romance in this book, but it leaves it open for possibilities in book 2.The story flows well and is quite easy to get caught up in. I just love all of the supernatural excitement going on! We get to discover everything right along with the main character Crystal, which helps us to feel like we are a part of the story too. The characters are great for the most part. There was a couple of times I felt the characters actions was a bit off, but I really didn’t feel that it took away from the story. I found some of the story to be predictable, but there was a few good twists to make up for it.

We get left on a somewhat of a cliffhanger, but not about the problem that Crystal is currently working on. I was so glad to get some closure. She gets new information that paves the way for a whole new story. Of course she will have to learn to control her new abilities and maybe even discover more along the way. So overall it is a book well worth picking up.

Crystal is the typical teenage girl or so she thought. Her world is turned upside down when she starts seeing ghosts and to top it off this ghost needs her help. Throughout the book Crystal learns things about herself she never knew and finds that she is not the only one with secrets. Friends, family and schoolmates all have their hidden lives. Some of those secrets can end up being deadly. Dive into Fire in Frost today and experience this magical tale.


Excerpt #1

“Crystal.” Emma’s voice seemed far off, a distant hum in my confusion.
       The faintness I felt just moments ago returned. My heart pounded in my ears, and for a second, my knees felt unstable. I gripped the edge of the fundraising table for support.
       Emma snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Crystal,” she said again as her voice came back into focus.
       I was suddenly whipped back into reality, dazed. “Wh—what?”
       “Are you okay?” Emma asked with a tone of serious concern. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
       I let the statement sink in for a moment. “Yeah,” I said. But I wasn’t answering her initial question. I was agreeing with her latter statement.

Excerpt #2

       My heart pounded on the walls of my chest, reverberating through my ears as I neared the door. I began to feel faint. I grabbed the handle with my damp palms and twisted slowly, and then in one quick motion, I whipped the door open.
       My heart beat slowed when I found nothing in the storage room but a bunch of boxes. I switched off the light and let the door fall shut with a click.
       Once I was back in the dark hallway by myself and ready to leave, the humming noise caught my attention once again. What was that? I followed the sound and pressed my ear against the door that led to the break room.
       I could hear muffled voices, but I didn’t see a light under the door. Who was in there? The sound, I realized, was a woman humming a stagnant note.
       “We’re here to help you,” Sophie’s voice rang over the humming.
       I didn’t take a moment to consider what they were doing behind the door. Once I was sure it was my mother and her friends, I wasn’t scared anymore.

       I had only a split second to take in the scene. The three girls sat in a circle around the break table, their hands connected as if in prayer. Candles lit up their faces. Just beyond the table stood another girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. Olivia Owen’s ghost stared back at me with that same look of urgency.

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About the Author

Alicia Rades is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor. When inspiration strikes, she is also an author. Alicia has been captivated by the YA paranormal and supernatural genre since reading The Seer series by Linda Joy Singleton when she was 12 years old. Fire in Frost was born out of the love for the genre and is Alicia’s first full-length novel. In college, Alicia majored in professional writing. Alicia lives in Wisconsin with her husband and too many fish to count.

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