Review: The Sword of Agrippa: Antioch by Gregory Lloyd


Enter a novel dreamscape. You'll never be the same.

It is 2020 and oligarchs control science and religion. A team of researchers from Silicon Valley are in Prague searching for dark energy. Exiled by a scientific and religious establishment dedicated to slowing innovation to a crawl, they work with graphene sensors and DMT to discover a new and more powerful source of unlimited energy.

The future collides with ancient Rome as the leader of the team, a controversial biologist, dreams of a past life in 48BC Alexandria. In his lucid dreams he falls in love with a priestess who serves Cleopatra and teaches him long lost secrets about ancient civilizations, the rise of monotheism and powerful interests who rewrote history and controlled the ancient world.

This is the first book in a series about the struggles between innovators and entrenched, powerful interests intent on protecting their empires. It is the second edition released July 2015 with edits/updates/corrections based on reviews plus two extra chapters.


The Sword of Agrippa: Antoioch is an intriguing tale. This is a science/history fiction and I am not much on reading history, sorry history buffs. However I did find myself drawn into the story because it was delivered with a science fiction twist and the author made it feel more real and personal. I found it to be a heavy read with deep meanings that required my concentration to understand what was going on, but it was worth it. Gregory Lloyd is a great writer who was able to make even me like history. I even found myself concerned for these characters that had already passed on so long ago. At the end I was left wondering what will happen next, not only to Roy from 2020 but to Agrippa and others in the time of Cleopatra and Caesar. I wondered so much that I had to look up some history to quench some of my curiosity. I say a job well done! I can't wait to see where this journey takes Roy and Agrippa next. 

The Sword of Agrippa takes part in two main time periods, 2020 AD and 48 BC. Roy is a great scientist with some controversial ideas. He is assembling a team to bring those ideas to life, no matter the consequences. But when he sleeps he encounters marvelous things, such as being transported to the time of Caesar and he is Agrippa, a Roman solider and engineer.

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