New Release: Review: The Sapphire Legend: Part 1 by E. L. Tenenbaum


Sapere has always been different. In her tribe, select families are blessed with a gift that is passed through the generations from father to son. But something went wrong when Sapere was born, because she has her family's gift and she shouldn’t.

When Sapere's village is attacked the night of her wedding, the survivors flee to the Wild in hopes of finding refuge in a dangerous place stalked by deadly predators. There they struggle to protect what little remains of their tribe and their traditions, many of which don’t seem to fit into their new life. Out here, Sapere feels like an outsider on the precipice of two worlds, unable to fit into the old way, unaccepted by the new, and terrified of being shunned by both.

Through the survivors' fight for survival, Sapere learns that she can be a victim of circumstance or master of fate. Can she rise above the nature of her birth and mold her own future? Can she be herself and earn the villagers’ respect? Or will she forever be shackled by the anomaly that makes her different?


What an amazing read! The Sapphire Legend hits the ground running. It grabbed my attention from page 1 and held it the whole way through. E. L. Tenenbaum’s debut book is a definite winner. I just love her writing style. I found the story to be seamless and alluring. She really brought this world to life for me. What an adventure with action, loss, discovery and a little love mixed in. The charters are unlike any others I have encountered. They are not shifters or hybrids but they have some feature akin to animals and some of the abilities as well, such as speed, heightened sense of smell and much more, but not everyone has them. I loved how the heroin acts like a real girl that has fears and insecurities even while she pushes ahead. In the end I was left hanging with so many questions. I so want to find out what happens next and also to see if I was right about a couple of things, but alas I have to wait. To sum it up I find that The Sapphire Legend part 1 is a must read.
Sapere is unlike any other female in her village. She has a gift. The problem is that the gift is only passed from father to son. So how did she come by it and what will the others do if they find out? She bears the marks on her arms that could reveal her secrets. On her wedding night a horrific event sends Sapere and the survivors of her tribe seeking shelter deep in the Wild with danger around every corner. Now Sapere has to make a choice use her gift to help her people survive or continue to hide in the shadows.  

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